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Hello my friends from blogging community 👋🏼. I wanted to do something again here in this blog, I had a lot of response from my story: There Will Be A Turning Point | Sharing My Story. Mental health is such an important aspect in our lives, but we barely talk about it, I feel like a lot of you commented and reacted on my story because I know that you also have a story to tell, it maybe different from mine but I guess in some parts we felt or experienced the same thing.

I know it’s a sensitive topic, and some will be hesitant to open up about it. But for those who has been keeping it to themselves for a long time, and if you’re reading this. This is your chance to talk about it with strangers 😄, this is a weird advice but I find talking to strangers in the internet a more effective way to vent out, there’s no judgment (like, blogging).

I want to encourage you to share your story here about struggles and how you cope up with it, or even just ideas of taking care of mental health. I want to know what you guys are going through, maybe we’re going through the same thing. I’m a really good listener (I’m an introvert, I was born to listen and observe lol).

I’ve been wanting to write more about mental health and this is me starting, but I also want to know how you guys cope up, because our ways of getting through are very different from each other. So, I want to do this survey type of sharing stories. Please, comment your story below or fill up the response form below if you want to remain anonymous, I will try to gather responses. And we’ll discuss it on my next post.

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