iPhone Users| Helpful Hidden Features Surprisingly Not A Lot Of People Know

I’m a fan of iPhone (that’s a strong opening. Android users, please don’t come at me), for me it’s just easier to use and navigate, and that’s just me, I know it’s different for everyone. Anyways, my fondness for iPhone is not the topic here, I want to share some helpful tips to iPhone users out there. I have been using these hidden features for a long time now, and I’m surprised that not a lot of people knows it.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this works with every iPhone, I‘m using an iPhone XR.


Let’s start with my most used app, I love this app so much, it has my darkest desires and secrets lol. You can do a lot with this app.

SCAN DOCUMENTS – I’m surprise when I see people downloading a scanner app when basically, iPhones has a built-in one. Click the camera icon at the bottom and just pick the scan document option.

ADD SIGNATURE – Everything is digital now, you don’t need to print your documents just to sign it, then scan and send it back again. You can just add your signature straight from your phone. Just add the photo to your notes, click it then click the ‘+’ icon, select ‘add signature’.

Note: you can also ‘add signature’ to pdf files straight from safari browser. Just press the share button>markup. There you’ll see the same layout as in the notes app. Click the ‘+’ icon and click ‘add signature’.

LOCK NOTE – Like, I said the notes app has my deepest desires and personal stuff. And the Lock Note feature is the way to go to hide it. Go to the notes app, press the share icon>lock note. Or if you have 3d touch or haptic touch long press the note you want to lock, and press lock note.



LONG PRESS ASSISTIVE TOUCH TO LOCK – Some people use this and some people don’t but I still do use this, even though I only used this back then when my iPhone still has that home button. I have the Assistive Touch as my home button but now that the home button is gone, you can just swipe up to go back. I’m very protective of the buttons on my phone, as much as possible I don’t want to use the buttons. That’s why I have Assistive Touch on. You have it all there. This is what my Assistive Touch options look like.

I have all the uses of buttons, I have the volume and the mute. This is what most people don’t know, you can notice that I don’t have the Screen lock option there right? It’s because the way I lock my screen is by long pressing the Assistive Touch.

Steps if you like this feature:

1. Go to settings
2. Go to Accessibility
3. Go to Touch
4. Turn on Assistive Touch
5. For customizing Assistive Touch options – Go to Customize Assistive Touch to customize the options up to 8 icons.
6. For Long Press Lock Screen – Go to Custom Actions>Long Press>Lock Screen

Note: you can choose whatever options you want for the long press. You can also have it in double tap or single tap, instead of long pressing the Assistive Touch.


This is for those who often forgets their passwords. I know some of you put your passwords on your notes. But this is much better.

Passwords & Accounts, helps you autofill passwords on a website that you’re trying to log-in, you don’t need to repeatedly input your log in details. Just go to the Settings>Passwords & Accounts.

Note: make sure to turn on ‘AutoFill Passwords’


I cannot sleep without music, I sleep with my earphones on and I know that it’s bad, that’s why I have a timer for it. You can actually set a timer for music. I usually set mine for 1 hr. Go to Clock>Timer, set “When Timer Ends” to ‘Stop Playing’.


I’m all about shortcuts. So, I customized my Control Center to my liking. This is what my control center looks like:

I have the flashlight, timer, alarm, camera, calculator, notes (of course), screen record, low battery mode, hearing ( I just have this because I tried that one trick on airpods). It mostly got everything that I often use. It’s very convenient.

Additional: this is the 4 main apps locked on my home screen: I have the phone (covers the contacts and call action) the message app, safari (for quickly searching things), and settings. What’s yours?


Built in dictionary, delete your dictionary app and save space because you already have one. Just highlight the word you want to find the meaning and click the arrow to the right, select Look Up.

So, these are my most used hidden features. Let me know yours. What features do you use the most? What features makes it easier for you to navigate your phone?

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7 thoughts on “iPhone Users| Helpful Hidden Features Surprisingly Not A Lot Of People Know

  1. Oh wow this is so helpful, I love playing music while I sleep too and dint know I could do that with the clock app.
    The four main apps on my home screen are messages, phone, safari and music.
    Great post!

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