[ANNOUNCEMENT] Blog Directory Is Up And Running

The Blog Directory is now up (yay!), you can now view the page via the menu on the site or just click here.

I added an image of your site’s header, if that’s okay. I’ll take it down or replace it if you want, just notify me. And for the others, your site didn’t have a header. If you want me to include an image, send it to me via email 😊. giganticthoughtbubble@gmail.com

These are just some of the blogs, I haven’t really gone through my email but rest assured, I will add your site as soon as possible 😊.

For the others, you can still sign up to get your blog included in the directory. This will help bloggers discover and follow new blogs. πŸ˜„

Sign up here

To view blog series done on this site click: FEATURED COLLECTIONS

Discover new blogs to follow via this BLOG DIRECTORY

Let’s follow each other:


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