I decided Thursdays are for randomness of it all. Ergo, random facts about yours truly. 💁🏻‍♀️

1. I have a total of 5 mini tattoos.

I love tattoos, I don’t care what people say about it. That’s why on my 17th birthday I had my first tattoo and it’s true that when you decided to have a tattoo, you can’t just have one. You’ll kind of come looking for that buzzing sting of the needle after having one. (Should I make a blog post about my 5 tattoos? 🤔)

2. I have one less body organ than everybody else.

That sounded so bad lol but it’s true, I don’t have an appendix anymore. I underwent an appendectomy surgery almost 2 years ago. I actually wrote a blog post about it but I forgot to published it 😅. The pain I felt during that time was unbearable, I thought I was just having a bad menstrual cramps but it went to the point where I could barely stand up. So, we went to the hospital and I got tested. We found out that I had an appendicitis. I went to surgery that lasted 6 hours. And my recovery period was a month and a half, including some messy complications that I had after the surgery, which I won’t fully go into details anymore. Anyways, I don’t know why they say it’s a useless organ but why did God put it in our body?

3. I love sour candies.

I love sour candies to the point where my tongue burns for eating too much of it. I once ate an entire pack of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting, my tongue stung so bad after but I didn’t regret it at all. 😝 P.S. Sour Patch Kids makes me happy. 😄

4. I’m “allergic” to shellfish.

I always say that I am allergic to shellfish but to be honest I don’t really know if I am. There are times where I can eat it normally, but there are times where just the sight and smell of it makes my tongue swell and makes my whole body itchy. That is why I decided to just steer clear of shellfish because I had a very terrible allergic reaction once, where my heart was pounding so fast, and my whole body and even my eyes turned red. My aunt rush me to the doctor, and confirmed that it was allergies which the doctor gave me some pills for it. Since then I barely eat shellfish.

5. I have an irrational fear of dump trucks and concrete mixers.

This just developed a few years ago. No one knows about this fear of mine, except my boyfriend. I seriously tense up and becomes anxious whenever I’m walking past a dump truck or a concrete mixer, or when the car I’m in is beside it. I would cross the street or even take the longer route just to avoid walking past it. I guess, it started when I was walking home and this dump truck drove past me and some gooey stuff landed on my leg and shoes. Since then I kind of got this irrational fear of trucks that could possibly drop something on me. 😅

That’s my 5 random facts! What about you? Do you also have an irrational fear? A food your obsessed with? Any tattoos? Tell me about it, share it in the comments 😄

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  1. Your dump truck and cement mixer fear is unique. You’re the first I know of to have this fear. I have a fear that’s a bit more common but still strange – it’s globaphobia (fear of balloons) 🎈Sour candy is the best, hands down. I also have one less organ than the majority of people. Got my gall bladder removed when I was 16!

    Appendicitis I heard is painful, and if it’s not removed quickly it can lead to all sorts of complications. Scientists think that the appendix was meant to break down plant matter, like fiber back when we were hunters and gatherers but to this day the appendix still remains a mystery.

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    • You’re the 1st person I know who has a fear of balloons. Wait, why was your gall bladder removed?

      Appendicitis was physically the most painful thing that I experienced and that’s coming from someone who has a high pain tolerance.

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      • Gallbladder attacks were super painful. I was anorexic at age 13 and 14 which I think led to gallstones. They removed my gallbladder because of gallstones. Anorexia really messed up my body.

        The only think more painful than gallbladder attacks was the miscarriage, and childbirth. The epidural failed and I didn’t have painkillers. 😐

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  2. I’m currently on a kick for homemade pickled veggies and fruits, omg so yummy. I love vinegary things and homemade things and i’m having fun experimenting with different veggies and spices in my pickling mix.

    Things I fear: lightning and ferris wheels. And I don’t like clowns at all, though it’s not a strong fear so much as a strong dislike. Personal hell would be being stuck on a ferris wheel in a lightning storm with a clown sitting next to me lol. 🤡⚡️🎡😨

    Thanks for visiting my blog, please leave a comment there if you’re so inclined 😊

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  3. Interesting.

    I agree with you on tattoos,the need for more. Sorry about your appendicitis I trust that all is well now, your body adjusted to its absence. I used to beallergic to so many things until I discovered most were mental, not all though

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  4. What are your mini tattoos? And sorry to hear about your fear of dump trucks and concrete mixers. I hope you are able to find a way to relax when you see them. As for the shellfish, I experience something similar. Sometimes, eating them makes me itchy, sometimes not. I think it depends on the shape of my immune system at the time. I still eat them though and just take anti-histamines.

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