It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to cry. We need to stop believing in those posts we see online that we always have to happy and positive, that’s toxic positivity. Life has ups and downs, and it’s normal to be vulnerable at times. You can’t be positive all the time because that takes hard work and a lot of Xanax 😆.

If you’re reading this, then this is your reminder that it is okay if you’re crying in your room right now and feeling like the world is on your shoulders, just let it all out. But you also have to get back up and remember that life is like a tire, it rolls. Just keep trying because life is also a trial and error, we all need to repeatedly just stop, gather strength and pull ourselves back up every time life throws us down.


29 thoughts on “NOTE FOR THE DAY 16|IT’S OKAY TO BE SAD

  1. It’s true, social media is an edited version of our lives. In reality, everyone will have their ups and downs and it is perfectly okay to be upset and stay true to ourselves. Sometimes the process of being sad helps to overcome a weight of overwhelming emotions 😊

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  2. Dearest Joana, what a blessing your message of hope is today. It’s been a tough week here, and I’m just feeling blue. I agree with you wholeheartedly – toxic positivity is very real. Denying emotions is never healthy. Life does have its ebbs and flows. Not acknowledging pain or heartache when we feel it only increases the burden and feelings of sadness.

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder. It’s one we all need! ♥

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    • Yes, dismissing the feeling without addressing it, will just always come back and haunt you. I hope you’re doing okay Holly. 🤗

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      Thank you! I hope you’ll join. 🤗

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  3. I agree that is okay to cry. It is a bunch of hogwash, when it is considered a sign of weakness. Crying just shows that we are human and have a heart. I would rather be able to cry, and let my emotions out, as opposed to holding those emotions in. It is bad for one’s health to hold it in. Granted, there are creative ways to let them out.

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  4. So glad that I found your blog. I think I’ve spent some time just going through your posts and relating to them or frankly, needing some of your tips. Just want to let you know that your blog actually inspires and helps other people. 🙂

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