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Back when I was still in college, I’d always dreamed the life of making money out of doing something that I love. Until, I went on that road of being a corporate slave and be stuck at a job that I didn’t pretty much enjoyed. I even wrote a blog post about it, which pretty much contradicts this post. (Glad to have this blog to look back on what I believed in the past).

Right now, I realized something and that is it’s okay if I’m not doing the thing that I love as my job. Some people are lucky that they get to do their passion and make it as their careers but I guess I am more lucky that I still earn money and I still get to do the things that I love without any pressure.

I know a lot of people these days are pretty much into pursuing their passion as their careers and that is great. But for those who are struggling to make that happen, this is your assurance that it is definitely fine that you are working at a job that you hate right now just to pay your dues. Be thankful for it because you still earn money and I believe you spend that money to buy and do the things that you love.

Honestly, if you think about it, we all get pressured and stressed from any work that we do. And we go to our hobby and passion as a way to escape from that chaotic part of our life. Imagine if these two are combined into one, where do you run when the thing that you love doing is where you get your anxiety from? Your once stress reliever is now your stressor?

There is an upside to your job not being your passion, you get to separate your profession from your passion. You are lucky because you still have that escape, I know some people who lost all their interests from their passion because it is their job at the same time, and I hate seeing that. Because they used to love doing that so much until their two worlds collided and they couldn’t distinguished their passion from their profession. I see a lot of kids/teens these days getting depressed about it, even myself thinks about it. Because I see all these quotes and posts about how everyone should pursue their passion, which you could see in my old post. People need to realize that not everyone has the same privilege and opportunities to go after their passion. Some people even need to give that up for the sake of providing more for their families. That is why don’t believe everything you read on the internet especially those false motivation that create fake ideals. I am not saying that you should stop going after what you want, and be contented in a job that you hate. It’s just some people out there are afraid to go after it or are having a hard time to get there, and this post is a reminder that it is okay and that they are not a failure for not living the dream that they had when they were still a kid.

Everyone has their own time frame, we all get there when we get there. But for now, just be grateful. 😊

This post is not meant to offend anyone who is pursuing their passion, this is for those who feel like their life is going nowhere and they feel like they have no purpose because they are not going after what they want. 😊




  1. I needed this reminder. I’m currently struggling to find a job that I love, which is probably why I decided to start blogging. It’s important to have hobbies to exercise your passions too!

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    • It’s true though and I felt that, I was in a job that felt like a torture. I guess it’s a matter of choice as well, I stick to that job for a while because it was the best opportunity that I got at the time. But I was still grateful for it.


  2. I used to stress about this a lot. I don’t anymore — I’ve decided that the question often arises from a place of privilege and the curse (?) of choice. Like you, these days, I’m just grateful. 😊
    It was very interesting to read this post and the old one in your link! 😊 What do you think changed, for you?

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    • It’s great to live life being grateful at everything. 😊

      As part of the millennial generation, the “woke” generation. I kind of jumped on that trend of pursuing passion and not follow the society’s standards. Ideally it’s great and I loved that, I just kind of realize and woke up that life is more than pursuing passion, as I’m experiencing life there’s more out there and that includes sacrificing things for the sake of greater happiness. I guess for me, my passion changes as I go through this life.

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