I have always loved reading books, there was a point in time where that was all I ever did with my free time but then adulting happened and suddenly I didn’t have that free time anymore lol. I have read plenty of books but I never really wrote reviews about them except when I feel a strong connection to it but it’s more of a reaction than a review. So, I went to my goodreads page and saw all the books that I have read in the past and I initially regretted that I didn’t write a reaction/review to it because I was too lazy to write reviews on books. I just feel like a lot of things happen in books and there’s a lot of details unlike in movies, and I am not good with organizing and explaining my thoughts to write concise reviews. But I did highlighted some pages, phrases, sentences, and words that I felt I related to. So, for the next few days I am going to do a blog series where I share some of these highlighted words that I connected to at the time that I read it and for you to also have insights on these featured books.

Let these highlighted words from the book speak for the book itself.

The Dogs I Have Kissed by Trista Mateer (Poetry Book)

“I have been told that girls always fall for men like their fathers,
but I found it a hard concept to grasp when he was always gone.”

“Words like sweetheart and princess make me straighten my back.”

“When I found out that you could cry ‘please no, please don’t, please no, please don’t’ loud enough to wake the neighbors and they still wouldn’t turn on a porch light.
And I never wanted to tell anyone but the poems.”

“Will I ever let this guard down long enough to learn anything new? Fuck no.”

“In this life, you’re going to love like pulling teeth (one after another) and that’s okay.”

“compromising yourself is part of growing up.”

“it’s hard to tell the difference between wanting to die and just wanting to sink for a while.”

“I want to take the messy part of you in like small children, like stray dogs. Kiss them on the mouth, give them a place to stay.”

“Is this okay, is this okay, is this okay, or does it make me weak.”

“I don’t know why I thought the sound of your voice could make up for all the bad things that ever happened to me.”

“I don’t know how to be angry with you, but my pride demands I figure it out. It is so easy to make monsters out of the people I have loved, to pick up a pen and write ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT’ until the page is full. It is easier to make myself the monster, to snap and bite and run and hide. It is easy to bare my teeth. It is harder to be honest.”

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