Today, I want to talk about my inspirations in writing especially when it comes to my “poetry”. I used quotation marks because I just really like to use rhyming words when it comes to writing so it’s really just a bonus to have it called a poetry.

First, I would like to tell you a little bit about why I write in the form of poetry. I may have mentioned this before with a guest post I did back then The Person Behind: Gigantic Thought Bubble. I had and still has trouble with articulating my thoughts and being fully open with writing, I guess I am not alone when I say that some of us still hold back and filter our words when we try to tell a story, it’s like we can’t say it straight because we fear of too much exposure and we might overshare. I turned to poetry and created stories that might not be true but the emotion it entailed was accurate to what I was currently feeling at the time I wrote it. And what I love about poetry is that there are so many interpretations behind it and readers can make their own but only the writer knows what it is truly about.

I was inspired by so many writers to have wanted to write poetry. I browse through Pinterest for random stuff and I stumbled across a bunch of poetry posts from Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath. I’ve always thought sadness is sign of weakness but when I read their poems, I realized that being vulnerable shows strength by not letting this negative emotion take over you and that you can use it to create something— something wonderful and relatable. (Yet they still died of suicide).

I am a music lover but what I love most about music is lyrics that is why I am also inspired by Tyler Joseph (21 Pilots) and Taylor Swift’s writing. Tyler Joseph writes metaphorically, where words may seem nonsense but it holds the deepest meaning if you think deeper, that is why I am so inspired to write poetry where metaphors are used and also the flow of his rhyming is just so pleasant to listen to. People may seem like Tyler is rapping but as he said in one of their song:

This is not rap,
this is not hip-hop
just another attempt
to make the voices stop.

There are these videos where he sang his songs in a form of spoken poetry and man it was so awesome.

Taylor Swift is a writing genius and you can’t change my mind. What I love about Taylor’s writing is the story telling, the emotions she has with all of her songs. The real life details she shares with us, she’s not afraid to be open and let everybody know what she feels. Her breakup songs are her expertise especially All Too Well and Death By A Thousand Cuts which I think are her masterpieces. She’s been in the industry for more than a decade now and she still dominates, okay now I’m fangirling lol. You should watch her documentary on Netflix “Miss Americana” where her writing process was shown.

I also appreciated her writing even more when I watched her City of Lover concert where she played most of her songs acoustically.

They are just some of the artists that I really look up to as of the moment. I try to incorporate the things that I love about them in the way I write: Plath and Wolf’s vulnerability and sadness. Tyler’s metaphoric style of writing, and Taylor’s story telling and openness.

I want to know who’s your influence in writing? Tell me in the comments maybe? 🙂


  1. Twenty one pilots, yes yes yes! I started writing poetry accidentally, it wasn’t like I read some poems or heard songs and started writing them.

    But listening to tøp music has helped me to write whatever I write today. I never knew it would happen 🤩

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  2. Inspiration

    It’s fantastic that you have been inspired to write poetry, and who inspired you to write is important, but only initially. The person who opens the door to the gallery isn’t necessarily the same person that guides you through every room, explaining the nuances of each and every picture and finally, giving you the confidence to paint your own pictures free of any constraints. And don’t fit a minute think I’m looking down my nose at Taylor Swift. I think she’s a remarkable lady and I too enjoy her lyrics and use of rhythm. (Definitely showing my age there!) I too love to write rhyming poetry with a clear message, it’s the style I feel most comfortable with, it’s the style I regard as ‘my kind of poetry’. But if we want to develop as poets, we all have to experiment with different styles, read different poems, and different lyrics, even ones we don’t at first understand, because that’s how we truly grow in our art, to the point that we have a truly independent voice and a story that others will sit up like meerkats and go, ‘hmm, hello…!’ Good luck, stay safe and keep writing !! Paul

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    • I totally get you. We have to build our own artistry and I’m still in the process of that but I guess what’s really important is that we get to express ourselves through any style of writing. 😊 Thanks by the way!

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