This post is a little late due to procastination (sorry) but I really want to share these two albums on repeat since it has been released.

TRENCH by Twenty One Pilots & MALIBU NIGHTS by LANY.

Let’s start with LANY’s Malibu Nights, first of all I wasn’t really a fan of LANY but I really liked their songs. There’s just something about their sound that I really liked, quite mesmerizing and relaxing to listen to. I really like how their front man Paul Klein who also writes their songs conveys emotions through words, simple words yet you intensely kind of relate to his songs if you’re brokenhearted or in love.

Paul Klein

In Malibu Nights, I got really curious with the song that Paul used in his promotional post on Instagram and it looked so emotional. I felt his sadness through that video along with the song in the background. When I saw that post on Instagram, I immediately went to Spotify to check if they had released that song but they haven’t, so when they officially released the record that was the first song that I went to find and listened to on repeat. When you listen to that song even though you are not brokenhearted that song will make you. I got to think that how hurt could a person be to write that song. I felt Paul’s misery through that song. But I was kind of disappointed with the music video, I was hoping that they should have used the promotional post of Paul Klein on Instagram. Anyway, the whole album is great, nine songs that are worth listening and not one did I pressed next.

Twenty One Pilot’s Trench is one that I have really been waiting for since their “hiatus”. I was really curious how Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun could top the success of their previous album Blurryface. Here’s how, in Blurryface they created a character and with Trench they created a world. Before the release of Trench they posted several stories of Clancy and about the world Dema as what I can say a “preparation” for the release of the record. They kind of posted a glimpse of what to expect and the story that will revolve around the album Trench. As we all know Tyler Joseph creates the stories that we get to listen to and behind these stories are these deep metaphors that many fans immediately dissected.

Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph writes songs that are very significant in today’s world mostly tackling about mental health and maybe tackling his personal demons. Tyler has always impress me with the way he thinks as I watch his interview with Zane Lowe.

I find him such an interesting guy, the kind of guy you want to talk about life and stuff, just the way he answers shows how deep and creative Tyler can be.

Now back to the album Trench, what I love about it is that it has a story that links to the other songs. The poetic side of their songs is still there, it still makes you think what it really means. There is this one song Neon Gravestones that tackles about the unfortunate number of celebrities that died by suicide, at the end of the song there is this spoken poetry like that really captured my ears (I’m going to write another post for this one particular song).

The eccentricity of the songs stands out but most especially the rapping is still on point.

Stream MALIBU NIGHTS and TRENCH on Spotify.


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