I had to learn it the hard way that people has limits when it comes to loving you even those who you were sure that will never hurt you.

They actually love you but when it comes to the bad habits that you can’t easily stop doing their patience slowly wear off as time goes by when they said that they will understand and they will wait for you but they can’t wait forever, you will have to eventually change your ways before it’s too late and they decide that they can’t wait for you any longer. You also have to know that they get tired like you do. You have to work hard to make a relationship work while they are doing their part, you have to do yours and that’s how it goes. All those romantic films that you have watched when you were younger were bullshit. It’s more complicated than you think and it’s definitely not a fairytale.

I get that now, he’s not going to be understanding all the time and I’m not the only one who needs him, he needs me too.


One thought on “IT’S NOT A FAIRYTALE

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