It’s not the same anymore to the way we lived our lives before, when everything was so simple and when our dreams were big and now so little. Where did the time go? It went fast but we were slow to catch up and to stay with the flow— we got stuck and it seems so hard to get back in the boat. So now we float and letting the current lead us to the shore and let us feel our feet once more. To stand again despite all the pain we have to feel just to play this game and everyone calls my name like before but it’s just not and it might never be the same anymore.

2 thoughts on “IT’S NOT THE SAME

  1. O my god!! Reading it was such a vivid experience.. and it is so true.. we have forgotten ourselves in this materialistic world.. thankyou for sharing.
    I am new here and have written a few poems. Please do give them a read and share your valued feedback. I hope you will like them. 😋😋😋
    Keep Posting 😀😊


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