In a world being publicize, an opinionated world and a world slowly losing the value of privacy and personal space do you still know who you are?
Internet and social media are a great way to connect to other people, to be updated about their lives and to keep up with the current trends but it’s also a place where it can easily influence your choices and perspective on things. Everything is being publicize through the internet especially lives of celebrities that maybe some of us admire what they do and we think it is cool. How some of us want to imitate their lifestyle but do you think imitating such people will lead you to defining or finding yourself or will you just be another one of a clone of somebody’s image? 

It is great to express yourself in anyway you can and right now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. are some of those that can help you do that. You can state your opinion out there, share your life— it’s a free country anyways. But are you sharing to express or to just show people you have a life? Are you proving something? Do you need to prove something? Are you one of those who fakes an Instagram post for the sake of likes? 

We can all agree that we can find a lot of things in the internet— helpful things and there are things that can be quite harmful to our beliefs and personal opinion. It is a free country and we can state our opinion on things but we can’t ignore that there are people out there that will contradict to what we have to say. It will hurt our beliefs, it will make us question what we truly believe in and worst it will change those beliefs and that’s the time we’ll lose the sense of ourself.

In the internet it is easy to stalk people, to imitate other people’s lifestyle, to be obsessed and to lose ourself. That’s why I found these few people who took a step away from social media for awhile to have their lives back:
(1) Hayley Williams of Paramore recently told in an interview (3:40 mark) about taking a few months off from social media to disconnect and to find herself again because apparently lots of people throw their opinion and she doesn’t need that, according to her it’s a self-preservation.
(2) Ed Sheeran took a year off social media explaining in an Instagram post. According to him he was seeing the world through the screen and wanted to explore more. And recently deleted his Twitter account.
(3) Taylor Swift was on a hiatus and she clearly had been off the grid and was taking her personal time effectively. But now she’s back and deleted all the content of her social media.

Here is a list by Newsday of celebrities who took a break and deactivated their social media accounts.

Celebrities Who’ve Quit Social Media

Take a step back as well for awhile, ask those questions to yourself. Who are you without social media? 

The whole point of this article is are you what you are on social media?

This is 1/3 of my “rants” about social media. I found myself writing about the “toxicity” of it so please bear with me on this and on my views about it and if we don’t have the same view about it, please don’t hate me lol.

6 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA ‘RANT’ (1/3) | DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?

  1. […] I have this huge urge to quit social media for good. Don’t get me wrong I love it because you get to share your thoughts and be updated about everything, you can find anything in it but there are these several reasons that make me want to get off social media. 1. Self-righteous people – I know social media is a great way to express your opinion and thoughts but there are just people who are just too much. You are free to share what you want so there is a huge chance that some people’s opinion contradicts yours but you don’t have to force them to see the world through your eyes, that is not your obligation and you don’t need to prove something. Some people think they know too much that they think they are always right. If it’s something that you think you really need to meddle in then say it in a way that you wont hurt their dignity, for short just be RESPECTFUL and also be mindful that your opinion has the possibility of being wrong.    2. Judgmental hypocrites – I stopped voicing out my opinion on certain issues when I found my words contradicted my actions, that’s when I started keeping in check with my acts before saying things. And now I just let out a *pfft* when I see posts/tweets from someone that I know that does not really believe in what he/she says on social media. There are some who posts about kindness but in reality they’re the most judgmental person you’ll ever meet. That is why do not be deceive from their social media posts, some of them are just faking it. Don’t post it, do it.   3. Just mean people – the trolls are the worst in social media, they notice and find every single mistake in a person or in everything and it makes me think how does a person have so much time to hate on someone? Why do they invest even just a single second to hate? How do they find satisfaction from it?    4. Opinionated people – This reason is a bit shallow and I don’t really care that much but just to fill up this list lol. There are some people who are just too opinionated like they have a comment on every single issue. I know it’s not wrong to voice out your opinion but there are some who posts things just for the sake of having something to say.   5. Everything is a joke – the internet is turning into a big comedic central with all the memes, fake news, sarcasm, and other stuff. They even turn a serious issue into a joke just to get likes and to get attention. That are just some of my reasons to quit social media and notice how my reasons are mainly because of the people in it? Yes, I think I can summarize this into “Reason To Quit Social Media: People Using Social Media”. I think most of us are using it in a wrong way, (I’m not excluding myself because I’m guilty too) we should stick to using it as a self-expression and be respectful towards others. Well, I’m not quitting social media anytime soon because I’m a millennial (unfortunately) social media is our fuel and being in a country where it is a “necessity” to have one; we use it for school and work and right now all I can do is to limit my usage of it.  There’s so much negativity in social media nowadays and I think the more you open up yourself to those negatives, the more it messes you up. And you need to preserve your wellness even if it means of disconnecting yourself from the “world”. Social Media ‘Rant’ (1/3) | Do You Know Who You Are? […]


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