Taylor Swift is definitely back and with a new sound and image (Dark Taylor Swift) according to her the old Taylor is dead. Taylor dropped her new single last Friday (Look What You Made Me Do) still going on the lane of pop genre. Her new song is filled with anger, hinting that it’s about Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and the media. Seeing it as a normal person who hadn’t been a long time fan, I see this image of hers as being fed up from all the rumors and hates that she had been receiving for a long time now and being a prey for tabloid news. Some people may say that she’s playing the victim card like she always does but can you blame her? Everything she does is news and this time she’s not just going to shake it off, she’s taking revenge for her Reputation as the title of her new album being release this November. People are saying that she needs to grow up and stop writing/singing vengeful songs about people who mistreated her but I think it’s her way to vent it out which was the reason why she started writing songs in the first place also a part of her self-expression.
When it comes to the sound of her new single it’s very different from her last album 1989’s first single Shake It Off which was her rebirth in the music industry as a pop artist, this single has a dark edge in it with a repetitive catchy chorus and also sounds like the 90’s song I’m Too Sexy. I’m still waiting for her full album Reputation to be released to hear if the sound and vibe that we heard from her latest single Look What You Made Me Do will transpire on her entire album.
From a sweet and innocent country girl led to this “new” and “dark” Taylor Swift that what I think is a product of hate. Now, look what ‘you’ made her do, she changed.

A few hours ago she released the music video for Look What You Made Me Do at the MTV VMAs and I can tell you that it is a masterpiece directed by Joseph Kahn which also directed some of her music videos before like Blank Space, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams and Out Of The Woods. The music video was a mockery of herself and as shady as it can get but with great visuals projected through the entire video and ending with a very iconic scene, Taylor dragging Taylor down. 

Despite the lyrical content of the song as most people say that it is not one of her greatest work. But I think this is one of the greatest music video she has done. Great work Joseph Kahn and Taylor Swift. Congratulations in advance to them for sure they’re going to bag awards for it in the future. 



  1. I started off hating Taylor and then loved her for a little bit and now I’m back into the “ugh…really?” This video doesn’t really change it but I do love the last little segment at the end “I’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative” lol awesome

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  2. If we keep aside all the shady stuff people that people have been talking about, she’s given us a masterpiece. She’s come out with a super entertaining and an amazing video. It’s a visual treat and that’s what we should focus on.

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