You think you know a lot about a person, think twice because you don’t. 
We’re all fakers, we only show and say things that we want people to know about us— we all have secrets and that’s what makes us unique, it fuels that mysterious souls within us. They say that we have three personalities: (1) the one we show to our family, (2) the one we show to our friends and (3) the one that we only know about. And I think the third one is the most interesting one because it’s the real us and it’s quite sad that we ourselves are the only one who knows about that personality. We hide that personality because we’re afraid of all the judgments which is reasonable in this society but would it be nice to show others the real us without judgments? What a dream. 
Anyway, most people think they know a person just because of the stories they tell them or how they act around them, they put a label on them just because of all of that. Yes, you may know them because of that but the truth is you probably know nothing about the “real” them— there are a lot more stories behind every person, there is a deeper level in a person that they don’t show to anyone not even themselves. There are a different versions of everyone so be careful of your judgments and don’t put a person in a box.
P.S. I’m not saying you should doubt everyone this is just me, a person who has a serious trust issues. I don’t easily believe what’s on the surface. 


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