Lately, I’ve been thinking…

If I should write an individual post about my trip in Hong Kong and China or just share it in this “Life Lately” post. So, if I post this then the latter it is.

Lately, I’ve been feeling… 

Really tired 😴 That trip was really draining. The reason it was very tiring was because we went on a group tour so we had a very strict time schedule that we needed to follow. We needed to wake up at 6 am if we didn’t want to be late. And also it was very hot that it’s quite irritating, it added to that tiring feeling. But we also had fun especially on our free day which was our first day, we’re supposed to go to the Ocean Park but we had a delayed flight and also we just went there on our own. We took the train which me and my family felt like we had mastered the commuting life in Hong Kong lol. Though we got a bit lost which was really funny but we found our way around after asking for directions. When we got to the Ocean Park, we were so late and the ticket we bought was not an individual ticket, it was a group tour so we needed to be there on time. In the end we didn’t get to tour the Ocean Park which was really a waste of time, energy and money. We decided to go to Mong Kok instead.

We got lost in Hong Kong so many times which was probably the reason why we got so tired to the point that we can barely walk lol. 

Lately, I’ve been wanting…

To get a massage. To sleep. We just got back a few hours ago and I’ve already slept but I feel like I need to sleep more to catch up on all the sleeps I lost over that trip lol. 

Lately, I’ve been doing…

Too much walking and standing that’s why my legs feel like it’s going to fall off from my body. The clear overview of our trip in Hong Kong and China was tiring over fun. 

Lately, I’ve been hoping…

To finally get a freaking job!!! I put my job-hunt on hold because of this trip and now I’m back home and back to my normal life. I need to start that hunt again. 

How’s your life lately? 


6 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY 05

  1. I need your Hong Kong travel blog! πŸ™‚ I’m going to HK in two weeks with my family and I’m so freaking excited. We are on a DIY tour though, so we don’t have any time constrictions but we want to make the most out of our trip. Hehe πŸ™‚

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    • I don’t know if I’m ever going to write a blog post about that trip but the tips I can give you are: plan your trip if you’re doing it on your own because the streets of Hong Kong are quite confusing (for me) they all look the same lol. If you have a rental car/service much better but if you don’t have a car, get a map from the airport and you can ride the train instead since the train have direct stations to most tourist attraction like Ocean Park and Disneyland. You can also get an Octopus card from 7/11 stores, you can use that to pay for the train, buses, vending machines etc.

      Go to Mong Kok if you want to shop and eat (parang Divisoria lang hehe) try the egg tart there it’s really good.

      I think you’ll enjoy it more if you’re doing it on your own since hawak niyo oras niyo. We only got a group tour because we thought it was going to be easier for us in terms of roaming around the tourist attractions, it certainly was easier but it’s really just the time that was our problem.

      Enjoy!!! πŸ˜„

      P.S. Sobrang init dun ngayon mas mainit pa sa pinas hehe


      • Uy grabe sobrang thank you huhu ❀ Ang dami nga nagsasabi na ang init nga daw pero sana naman wag umulan huhu. Sobrang naeexcite na ko mag-Disneyland. Ewan ko ba haha first time ko din kasi mag out of the country kaya todo basa din ako ng blogs ngayon ❀ thank you sa tips 😘

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