Every one of us is made up of different characteristics that make us who we are. These characteristics form our personality and this personality is our identity. So, how well do you know and understand yourself to have this distinct identity that you have? What is your personality? What are your characteristics? Why do you do a certain thing? Who are you?

I know, so many questions but only one answer– 16 personalities. Recently, me and Fiona from the blog Questions From A Teenager wanted to do a collaboration and out of so many ideas that she had given, taking a personality test appealed to me the most. It’s quite interesting to take such test and the test quite impressed me. Honestly, it’s a bit accurate for me.

16 personalities lets you take a free personality test, where you answer variety of questions that will result to knowing your personality types. Personality types are categorize into four major types or roles (Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, Explorers) and under each category there are four sub-category where you fall into. Thus, you fall into 1 out 16 possible personality types. The test uses different psychology and personality theories that help them come up with concrete and accurate description of personalities. Like the five personality aspects that when combined will result to the specific personality type: (1) Mind: Introverted or Extroverted (2) Energy: Observant or Intuitive (3) Nature: Thinking or Feeling (4) Tactics: Judging or Prospecting (5) Identity: Assertive or Turbulent. The test also tells how you do things to achieve your goals which leads to categorizing into four possible types of strategies: Confident Individualism, People Mastery, Constant Improvement, Social Engagement.

Based on my results upon taking the test, I am introverted, intuitive, judging, turbulent with the nature of feeling which showed that I am a Diplomat Advocate with a Constant Improvement strategy. What is a Diplomat Advocate? What is a Constant Improvement strategy? (Maybe you are too. Read on)


A Diplomat is empathetic, tends to be warm, caring, and generous individuals. They have deep perspective. Values understanding and self-reflection. Diplomats find the ideals of humanism rewarding: kindness, understanding, altruism, and growth.

An Advocate is very rare, making up less that one percent of the population. Few personality types are as sensitive and mysterious as Advocates. They are empathetic and can be an idealist but they are capable of executing these ideals. They cherish their integrity and principles. Yet as an Advocate they may face challenges that at times can even make them question who they really are.

A few well known Advocates are the likes of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman and many more.

Constant Improvers are quiet, individualistic people. They tend to be a perfectionist but also tend to worry too much.

Well, that says it all. Let’s see if it’s truly accurate in my case as I evaluate my results; as for being a Diplomat Advocate I must say that I am an idealist at times and I truly value my principles, I solely believe in kindness and I always consider the feelings of everyone. I’ve also been described quiet and mysterious several times, so I guess this is accurate for me. And I would like to take pride to have the same personality as those listed above especially Nelson Mandela.

Anyway, based on the five personality aspects. For the mind, my results say that I am an introvert. I believe I am introverted ever since, I really like staying home and enjoy the solitude of staying in. I find social occasions very draining so I guess that’s a check.

For the energy, it says intuitive. “Intuitive trait prefer to rely on their imagination, ideas and possibilities. They dream, fantasize and question why things happen the way they do, always feeling slightly detached from the actual, concrete world.” That’s a check (no further explanation).

For the tactics, I’m a judging type. This is true I like to plan things, I like to be organized because I get anxious when things doesn’t go as planned but I’m skeptical about the trait of judging being decisive because for sure I am not one decisive person.

For the identity, I am turbulent. Yes, there are times where I would pressure myself into doing things. I easily feel down when I mess up my task. I have a tendency to become a perfectionist.

For the nature, it says that I use feeling rather than thinking. Yes, I can be sensitive but I’m not really that expressive when it comes to my emotions. I want to be rational with my decisions as well, I think I rely more on the logical side of me rather than my emotions, so this result is questionable but after thinking all these through I think I am in-between of every aspect.

I mean yes, I am more introverted but there are times that I want to interact with the world, be with my friends and just go out. There are times that I am an observant type as well, I like to be practical too and believe in to see is to believe and rely on my experience. I can be a prospecting type as well, I like spontaneity at times. I am assertive too, I’m a very chill and composed person and as I’ve said I’m not good at expressing my emotions so when I am panicking no one really knows that I am. What I’m saying here is I think everyone of us can be a little bit of both yet of course, we have that side which we are more likely to fall into the description and that creates our distinct identity.

I encourage you all to take this test on 16 personalities, it’s quite fun to read a description of yourself. If you’re not sure of who you are maybe this will help. It’s informative and it offers much more than what I’ve just written in here. It also tells you how you manage your relationships, career, and parenthood. It also tells you your strengths and weaknesses. Well, maybe you know yourself that much but it wouldn’t hurt right? See this as a reassurance of your personality. Go to the site, take the test and tell me what you got.

Read Fiona’s results on her blog on Questions From A Teenager.

We both got Diplomat Advocate but she’s INFJ-A and I am INFJ-T. And I would like to thank her for suggesting this and doing this with me. x


Sources and Image: 16 Personalities


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