I look out the window and up to the sky my eyes fixate and I see the beauty of it, wishing it’s the only thing I’ll ever see but then I look down and I see all these people walking while looking at their feet, at their path and being careful not to trip. I start to wonder what if we don’t look at our feet and our path while we walk and we just follow the sky, the clouds and the stars where they’ll lead us. 

Where do you think they’ll take us? 


5 thoughts on “FOLLOWING A PATH

  1. I read your post and think about your question. Suddenly a light blink in my mind. If we follow the stars it will give us the sense of freedom. We can live a life beyond boundaries of countries, continents. We can live more free life

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    • I love your internalization. I also think we’ll feel the freedom if we follow the stars, we’ll break free from our own desires and we’ll just follow what’s meant to be ours. 🙂

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