Please be patient with me for I’m still trying to figure this out— this life that I’m supposed to be living. I have this purpose that I need to start searching. I’m a mess right now and my passion is nowhere to be found. I need to take a breath to know which path to take, to clear my mind and to prepare myself for what’s about to come. 

Bear with me and my stubbornness, I can be a pain in the ass and a lot to handle but keep in mind that I’m still learning and I have a long way to travel. Root for me and don’t give up. Don’t leave me hanging in the air with no one to catch me on the ground for I maybe falling faster with you not around. 

Please be patient with me and my secrets for I’m scared to let anybody in but for you I’m willing to let go of that fear. Though, it may take a while to put my guard down and break my walls for I built it high to scare away the people who dare to get too close. 

It may take a little while for me to come around but stick with me– wait for me and I assure you that it’s going to be worth the wait because I can give you so much more and I promise I’ll be yours. I’m rooting for you to stay but if it’s all too much to ask then I can’t blame you if you decide to just walk away.

Photo credit: PicsArt Free-to-Edit


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