I’ve had a very monotonous life lately like there’s really nothing going on with my life right now— unemployed problems. Though, I’m waiting for that job offer from a company that I applied for. I passed two interviews with them already and one of the recruiting member gave me a thumbs up when I said that my interviewer told me that they’ll call me for that Job Offer Interview some time next week *fingers crossed*.
And so the waiting game begins, I’m back to reading books, rewatching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and writing on this blog yey! I’m still having this writer’s block though, I can’t write poetries as of the moment but I’ve been keeping myself busy because I have so much time right now that I decided to create pages on different social media for this blog. Yes, I’m becoming more invested on this blog that Gigantic Thought Bubble is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now. Actually, the Facebook page and Twitter page has been around for quite some time now but I don’t use them that often and I just created an Instagram account yesterday. So, I’m probably going to be active on those sites more than my actual personal social media accounts lol
Let’s connect! Follow Gigantic Thought Bubble, see you there! 😊


Facebook: /giganticthoughtbubble

Twitter: @GTB_Blog

Instagram: giganticthoughtbubble

Email: giganticthoughtbubble@gmail.com

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