Last Friday, me and my best friend went to visit one of our closest friend to make up for the time we didn’t go to her birthday party and also to just hang out and catch up, that’s what we always do anyway.

We talked about boys, our– their love life (I don’t have that lol), school, work and life. Sparing you all the juicy details but we ended up talking about life and the complications we face towards it. The feeling of loneliness, feeling of being lost and feeling of not feeling, these are some of the things we deal with. Our conversation about the topic became pretty “dramatic” and “therapeutic” in some way, like the three of us are in some sort of group counselling session, sharing stories about the emotional difficulties we face regarding our lives, ending with deep sighs and telling ourselves that maybe that’s really how it’s supposed to be in our age. At this point in our lives maybe that’s normal and we just have to hope for the best.

I used to think that when you reach your 20s, it’s the time when you’re supposed to be having fun and doing all the things you wanted to do when you were younger but in reality, it’s more about having breakdowns, worrying about the future and overthinking of what you should do with your life (am I having a shitty life?). I guess the ideal way of living in your 20s is being lost but at the same time enjoying your time in the forest, it’s also having breakdowns but learning to get back up and keep going, it’s about having fun but also knowing your responsibilities. It’s all about balancing life which I totally lack of doing lol.

Life is really complicated but I’m thankful to the friends I have, we all deal with different kinds of problems but we have each other, even if we don’t have solutions for all of it just knowing that we’re not alone makes it bearable and with a few good laughs about it, reassures us that we’re going to be fine. 



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