It’s amazing how we were born so fragile and innocent and how our parents shielded us from all the crap that this world has to give— how our hearts were filled with so much love but the older we got the more they scratch our eyes to blind us from what this life really means, they make us use glasses that they created from which we can only see the life that they defined. They put out the flame in our hearts, our passion and dreams, and replaced our “unrealistic ambitions” with what they call “realistic-proper ambitions” that can give us that “great life”great life as they defined, with a great big house, great car, great clothes etc., we let them define our lives for us, when is it great? And when does it sucks? They took away that freewill. 
Therefore, freedom is not real which they all say we are free but the truth is we are not. Can we be the person we want to be? Yes we can be whoever we want to be but we are not free from the judgments that they will give, they set out their standards that we all should follow, they make us act what they think everyone should act, they make us want what everyone wants and when you go against that they will make you feel like you’ve committed a felony just by being yourself. Our hands and feet are tied to this world that they created for us and we are their puppets and even if we wanted to break free and cut the strings, we’ll feel confused and feel groggy like we’ve just woken up from a comatose for we’ve been kept in captivity for too long. Thus, they’ll drive us to kill ourselves before we can actually break free.

So what did the society take away from us and how much did the society take away from us? We’ll never know because they took it before we can have it.



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