John Tucker Must Die is a teen flick romantic comedy film released on 2006. This is one of my favorite films and just like A Walk To Remember I can’t really count the number of times I’ve watched this movie.

The story of this film centers around John Tucker obviously and four girls who’s trying to get even with him. Heather, Carrie and Beth are just the few girls John Tucker dates all at the same time but when they found out that John’s juggling them they decided to put him down with the help of Kate, now Kate is an ordinary girl who’s very different from the girls John dates and she knows how John operates with watching him date these three girls in the restaurant she works at and also her mom dates hundreds of this type of guys. But as they thought that they stopped John from all his shenanigans, John broke up with Heather, Carrie and Beth. The girls think they failed because John still gets to break their hearts and for their revenge they planned to break John’s heart through Kate, letting Kate date John and really make him fall in love with her and dump him in the end.

That’s the main story line of the film and what I loved about this film was it showed girl power. Girls from different cliques and had different personalities came together and helped each other because a guy was hustling them and that’s what all girls should do, stop “bitchin” around over a guy, stop that “she’s the girl who he replace me with” sentence when you see your ex with a new girl. This movie showed the problems of girls when they face a guy, how to act, how to impress a guy, how to keep him etc. I guess the biggest lesson of this film is that not everything a girl should do is for a guy because sometimes we become somebody that we are not just to get notice and to feel loved that we forget who we really are. And may I add on that tag line of this film which is “Don’t get mad, get even”, revenge never solves anything it just shows that you haven’t really moved on and you’ll only look like a pathetic person when you do it, when a person treats you bad let the karma do the work it’ll save your time and effort.

This is a movie that every girl needs to watch just like Mean Girls.


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