Sometimes other people’s mentality surprises me not in the amazing way but in a way that makes you roll your eyes and makes you do a face-palm, I also can’t believe how shallow people can get like “are you serious?” — I sometimes want to be frank and just tell them to shut up (not really) but it sometimes annoys me and I try to remind myself to just breathe and just be understanding and respectful towards other people’s views until my feeling of annoyance subsides.
Okay, I have this person in my life who is very full of himself and sometimes his mentality on certain things are very shallow or sometimes he just sees the issue as one sided (his version only) I sometimes try to talk to him and respectfully point out his wrong or just state my point of view but when I sense that he’s not gonna let the issue go I’m the one who lets it go because I know I’m never gonna hear the end of it and I just hope that he’ll figure it out himself. I don’t know how you handle these kind of people, I sometimes just want to erase them in my life ’cause I think they’re toxic but I have a strong belief in kindness and these “toxic” people need more of that. I just have to double up my patience and understanding toward these kind of people or I probably should just forget about them, should I? 

11 thoughts on ““ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

  1. Wow, narrow minded self absorbed people are really annoying and hard to deal with. Needs a lot of patience and understanding.

    Just don’t lose your voice while you’re busy trying to put some sense into his mind.
    Best wishes x

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  2. It’s a very tough call… personally I only speak to toxic people I know when I’m feeling 100% OK and it’s not taking time from speaking to people I like more.
    Perhaps sadly, I do think of such people as mostly ‘poisonous’ — and we can only deal effectively with poison when we’ve a strong immune system, so to speak(!)

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      • Yes that can be very hard — sadly I know people who are simply unable to speak to their own parents and siblings because of similar problems. 😦
        I suppose as long as you can provide yourself with enough distance/protection, that will help — and your self-awareness is a bit of a blessing in this regard.


  3. It depends on how close the person is to me what I will decide to do. For instance, my brother can be one of these people so most of the time I just have to let it go. But we’ve both learned to recognise the point in the conversation where we need to just stop arguing. But if it’s someone else, who I only know a little, I just drop them. I can’t have toxic people in my life. Once, I had a best friend who was like this and I had to make up my mind that my happiness was more important that our friendship which was spiralling into resentment and just make a clean break.

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    • I just can’t imagine cutting people off you know even though I really want to, I’m thinking about all the good memories that we’ve done too. I’m basically just accepting that they’re that kind of a person 😅

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      • Yeah – sometimes there is a window for you to either except it or start to resent them lol. A few times, I’ve shifted into the resentment stage but still tried to be their friend. Then just all the negativity adds up and there is just a point of “I can’t do this anymore” and it’s over. Then I’m better after…emotionally. It hurts for a little because the friendship is over but then all their negative thoughts and actions start to melt away and it’s better 🙂


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