I wanted to tell you things, 

things that really goes 

through my mind— 

the unfiltered thoughts 

and not the sugar coated kinds. 

But there’s my fear 

that you won’t understand 

and that scares me the most 

that you’ll become distant. 

I decided to keep it inside 

and through this fake 

happiness I’ll try to hide, 

even though every night 

I soak my pillow case with my tears.

I’ll keep the pain to myself 

just to not make you disappear. 


2 thoughts on “MY FEAR

  1. wag mong sariihin hahaha joke kapag kailangan mo ng kausap im always here for you totoo yan kahit hindi ka maniwala 😂 Be happy always joana 😊👋🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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