Reminiscing on the glory days when you and I roamed the hallways, the time you and I were partners in crime and the night the stars were perfectly aligned. Those were the days and today all I have are those memories that are put to waste for you went on your own, left me dry and alone.
Just like the wind the relationship we built can no longer be seen and just like the wind I can feel the coldness that it brings. I sometimes stare at the moon wondering if you’re looking at it too and I’m wondering if you’re listening on the same tune. These songs remind me of how it used to be, you and me. Smiling then crying for you left without a warning.
There’s not a night that I don’t think about you before I go to sleep and each night I ask myself if I should let go but then it reminds me of what you said that “this is for keeps”. But I guess it was a promise sworn on air that blew far away. Maybe someday I’ll stop reminiscing of those days and maybe someday you’ll comeback wishing you should have stayed.

This is for you who is not part of my life anymore. I kind of still miss you.

I guess we all have that friend, lover, family member or any person that left us high and dry, without a warning vanishes from our lives. It makes us question if it is our fault why they left and all I know is if you are important to that person they’ll find a reason to stay in your life and if not I think it’s time to let go. And if that person was meant to be in your life they’ll find their way back. 

There’s a reason for everything, there’s a reason why we met that person and there’s a reason why they left. It will all make sense and for now it’s okay to be hurt, I know it also left a huge hole in your heart but it will heal and you’ll find a person, hobby, thing etc. to fill up that hole. I know it sucks to be left behind but I guess we also need to leave it all behind eventually and just move on. 


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