HELLO 2017 

Time to change the calendar for another year had passed by.

Funny how 12 months flew in just a blink of an eye.

Well there goes another year and another one has officially started.


Another 365 days! 365 days to create new memories, to make new friends, to have new adventures and another 365 days of stress and mental breakdowns lol.

So, “New Year, New Me” posts are circling the social media sites again. Different New Year’s Resolution are being listed but never actually being checked by the end of the year lol. They call it New Year but in reality it’s the same old bull—-, it’s a complete cycle of setting goals and not doing it for the whole year then setting goals again for the coming year, it’s a cycle of disappointments as well (this is my pessimistic side speaking, sorry)

Now this is my optimistic and hopeful side speaking. So, New Year, new me? Why not New Year, better me? Because you don’t really need to change into someone new, you just have to improve what you did and who you are last year. Just be a better version of you this year and not change into a completely different person. So stop saying New Year, New Me and start with New Year, Better Me 😊

And I also hope for a prosperous year for everyone. Forget all the bad things that happened last year and start fresh this year. You have another year to make it up for the mistakes that you did and you are granted another year to be a better person than you already are last year. Forget all the heartbreaks and setbacks you had, remind yourself that this year you are stronger, wiser, braver because of all of those things. Take care of yourself this year and don’t let yourself fall like you did last year.

Happy New Year everyone! 


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