It’s this time of the year my favorite holiday. 


To get on that Christmas vibe besides busting Mariah Carrie’s All I Want For Christmas Is You over and over again, I’m sharing my two favorite Christmas films. Every Christmas all the shows on TV is most certainly about the holiday and I just want to appreciate these two animated films that I really enjoy watching every Christmas. 

1. Arthur Christmas

Who would have thought that Santa Claus has a kid right? This animated film was fun to watch. Meet Arthur and how he proves himself as Santa Claus’ child.

2. The Polar Express

I first watched this when I was just a kid, I was just around 8 years old and I secretly wished and imagined that a train would magically appear in front of my house after watching this. I love the animation and graphics of this film, it also brings out that little kid in you when you once believed that Santa Claus was real.

I’m greeting everyone a merry Christmas 🎄 . Have a ton of fun, food and booze. Have a happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays. 

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