Certain stuff comes into my head every day and every night. Some stuff are hopeful and some are not so hopeful. There are thoughts that I wish would just disappear and so for tonight’s late night questions I want to write about my what ifs

I can say that what ifs are some sort of regrets and imaginations like:

“What if I didn’t have said or done that?” or “What if I have said and done that?” or “What if ‘that’ didn’t happened?” 

It’s the chances we didn’t take, it’s the mistakes that we wanted to change and the situation we wish would have been different. Yes, I know life is very complicated and there are things that we just can’t change because it’s the way it is and we can’t really foresee the consequences of the decisions we make but I quite have a complicated mind as well that I often think of these what ifs. 

My what ifs revolves around my fears and doubts for the future: 

“What if I’ll become a failure?”
“What if I’ll never be happy?” 

My what ifs also covers the past events of my life like:

“What if certain things were different?” 
“What if ‘that’ didn’t happened would my life be different, a little better?” 

I tend to get so lost with these what ifs that I live in it. I always imagine the opposite of the things that I have done in the past and thinking that I could’ve done better and I always imagine my future and fear that I will not accomplish things. I’m imagining it all, the life I could have had or will have, the possible answers to my what ifs and that’s all it is right now they are just what ifs, they are just imaginations and I need to let that sink in.

I have realized while writing this is that what ifs can have two possible impacts in our lives it can either makes us miserable by dwelling too much on the fears and regrets of it or our what ifs can make us strive for success, to make up for our mistakes in the past and to work harder to move past on our fears for the future or in any doubts you have on yourself and in your life. 


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