I was thrown into this dangerous place and it’s like a dark woods that is full of harmful creatures that can eat you alive and when you enter there is a low tendency of getting out. But I got out and I thought I never fully seen the woods so I wander through the place again trying to find something. 

I’ve been in and out of the woods looking for that thing but every time I go into the woods something is holding me to be trap in it forever but I always find a way to get out because the longer I stay in there I think I will forever be trap in it. Every time I got out I felt like I left something in there, like a part of me is still in the woods and I need to get it back but every time I try to go back for it I feel like I’m losing more of myself.  

I always try to tell myself not to go back in there again but it’s like the woods is calling me because part of me is in it. The woods has been like a home to me, a very dark home that will somehow be a part of me and who I am. That’s when I started to realized that I wasn’t thrown in the woods in the first place, I chose to be in it and to wander through it when I can choose to stay out of it. And for that thing that I was trying to find, it was perhaps a reason and an excuse to just go back into the woods again because the reality of all of this is that I’m only trying to avoid what’s outside of the woods. 

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