I spent my last days of semestral break on watching all the movie installments of X-Men just because I find superhero movies cool and I don’t really have anything to write about these days so I decided to write something about it and I actually picked up quite a few things from the movie(s).


Here are the 5 important things that I find very interesting in the movie:

1. Friendship of Professor X and Magneto.

They are truly the friendship goals. I find their friendship unique, special and true. Even if they have a very different point of view they still respect each other, they never bad-mouthed one another. In the movies they are always enemies but they never really tried to intentionally kill each other. Even if one of them betrays the other they always try to understand one another and they accept each other for what they are and for what they are not which I think every friendship needs.

2. The mind is so powerful.

X-Men shows just how our brain can take over us if we let it, it shows how powerful it can really be. Professor X and Jean Grey are shown as the most powerful mutants in the movies and they are telepaths, their powers is to read minds and influence other people’s thoughts. The lack of control of their powers can be really dangerous just like what happened to Jean Grey in X-Men: Last Stand. She let her mind control her. She was afraid of herself and her own mind. But Professor X helped her to control it, our minds shouldn’t be the one controlling us because we have the upper hand and it’s in our will if we let ourselves be slaves by our own minds.

3. Being different is okay.

I think the biggest moral lesson of this movie is to accept yourself whatever you look and whatever you are. The struggle of the mutants in the movie is the acceptance of the society towards their kind but I guess their true biggest struggle is accepting theirselves. X-Men tries to tell that we shouldn’t try to fit into the society because we are all special and different in our own ways and we need to accept that. We need to accept ourselves first before other people accepts us.

4. Always have hope.

Professor X believe that mutants and humans can peacefully co-exist in one world but out of fear on something people can’t understand, people can’t see what Professor X sees. But still Professor X holds on to one thing even if everything fails and that is hope. Just like in our lives we need to have that perspective that even when everything is going wrong we still need to look on the brighter side on things and just have hope.

5. We will always have a family no matter what.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, Magneto lost his wife and daughter and he thought that he lost everything, that he has no family now but Mystique reminded him that he still have a family through her and the other mutants. And even though Magneto always betrays them, they always still accepts him no matter what because that is a true family. Family is not just in the blood, it’s in the heart and bond that you share with others. We will always belong in a family.


*Photos are not mine. Credits to the photo owners.

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