The Creation

God created the earth in 7 days. In just 7 days He brought life in this place. A place where it’s completely empty but He filled that emptiness in just 7 days and after showering the earth with beautiful things He took a rest on the 7th day.

Whirlwind Romance

They fell in love within 7 days. It’s a whirlwind romance and in that short time it felt like forever, they’ve said and done things that will forever be remembered and be cherished. In 7 days they felt like they knew everything about each other but apparently not. It was 7 days of love that they both wish would’ve lasts but on the 7th day they both said goodbye. 

One Week

Monday sucks, we don’t have the energy and we still have that weekend hangover. Tuesday still sucks and wishing for the weekends to come faster. Wednesday is less suckier as we’re in the middle of the week. Thursday is a test of patience to be Fridays already. Friday and Saturday are fun. Sunday is a dread for tomorrow is another Monday. 

The Suffering

Today marks that one whole week of suffering and enduring. 7 days ago it started again. The emptiness filled up my whole being. For 7 days I feel a pit in my stomach and my heart aching and beating really fast. It’s 7 days of locking up in my room, procrastinating, lying and crying in bed. 

I wish this suffering was that love that ended in 7 days and just like God would take a rest on the 7th day but I know I can’t for another week will come ahead. 

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