This gift of life is never fully ours to control and hold,
we’re chasing a concept created by a man that we all believe is real as we are told. 

But here I am wishing everything would go back to the way it was.
Those days where you’re free but right now everything is going by so fast.


Here I am wishing for the time to just slow down for a bit,
at least take a pause to sit down, relax and breathe.


Every moment is coming to me in such a blur,
it’s all passing by so fast like all of it never really occur.


Here I am begging this concept to be my friend and be here with me for a little more.
Just a little more time is all I need is that really too much to ask for?


I’m staring blankly at all of these and wondering where this concept would take me,
it’s quite terrifying to think where it will all lead and it’s like I’m too afraid to even want to see.


Here I am feeling like I’m wasting all of this time I’m given,
they say I should go out, have fun and start living.


And here I am thinking what I should really do,
someone help me cause I honestly have no clue.

The clock is ticking like a time bomb in any moment ready to explode as I stand so close watching.
Holding my ground and unaware of what is happening. 

The concept of time comes down reeling in my mind and the moment I’m afraid of finally arrived.
It is the time and very moment where I ask myself how the heck will I survive? 

4 thoughts on “CONCEPT OF TIME

  1. Maybe that in itself can be a purpose—to live life in that vulnerable, uncertain place where you’re not boxed into one way of being; unencumbered by the need to define yourself and your place in the world; free to roam when it would feel much safer to tether yourself to one role.


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