We all seek for that one thing, the contentment and that one puzzle piece that will complete us. Some may have found it already or at least they know what they’re looking for, they know what they want and they’re very fortunate because for some it is still a mystery and it is still a treasure for them to find. 

They say happiness is a choice but we can’t really choose something that we don’t even know. They say it’s in the little things but it’s like so little that we don’t notice it anymore. Are we just being unappreciative that we take everything for granted? Or we just don’t notice it until it’s gone? 

Everyday is a constant hide and seek with happiness. Yes, it may sound dramatic but believe it or not some people are having a hard time to be happy and contented with their lives. 

Some people are being blinded with negativities of the world that it’s very difficult for them to see the good things, everything is a blur to them. It’s like happiness is a temporary thing, it comes and goes but I truly believe that one day we will grasp it and it will stay with us forever.

One day we will not try so hard to search for it, happiness will eventually find us but we also need to do our part and just take one step at a time towards it. 

Remember what made you smile for a day and try to bring that back each day. 

Have those affirmation lists.

 Listen to your favorite songs. 

Watch your favorite movies. 

Have that positive feeling everyday. 

We may not know what happiness is right now but we will try our best to figure it out and we will get there. It is not a race so let’s all patiently continue to seek for that thing and find that puzzle piece until we become whole. 

7 thoughts on “KEEP SEARCHING FOR IT

  1. I learned from someone that happiness does not make us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy. So if you want to be happy all the time, look for things that are thankful for. There are plenty out there…that should make it easy for us to feel happy. 😊

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    • There are many ways and definition of being happy, this just added to that. I want to find my own definition of it 😊 but I’m also trying those ways though just can’t seem to find what fits for me πŸ˜‰ do I make sense? Lol

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      • Yep, I think I know what you mean. ☺ I think as we grow older, the things that gives us happiness changes too… once upon a time we were happy with toys and candies, then we were happy when others find us cute and cool…then happiness is finishing a degree in college and being succeeful, on & so forth. As for me now, it’s spending time with the people I love that gives me happiness the most! You’ll find yours sooner or later! πŸ˜‰

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