A few weeks ago I came across this cool bible app and I’m actually quite obsessing over it. It’s called YouVersion Bible App and it lets you read the bible in an interesting way, where you get to choose bible plans to read in a specific time frame. I’ve already completed 5 plans and I have 5 on-going plans that I’m trying to finish. This app helps me read the bible in a less boring way and the passages make sense to me with the help of the plans. 
(1) There are a lot of great plans you can read through this app that will help your spirituality and also help you emotionally. Having a bible app is a must, when everything can be a click away we all need to check-up on our spirituality and faith and what a great way to do that with just a click on your devices. (2) With this app you also get to save, bookmark and highlight those verses that struck you, (3) there is also a feature called “verse of the day” to remind you of your daily readings. (4) You can also have it in different versions, I have mine in New International Version (NIV). 

The reason I downloaded this app is because I need to strengthen my faith again. My faith kind of lost its way that’s why I needed to regain my beliefs, so every time I feel so overwhelm with my thoughts and emotions and every night I couldn’t sleep I usually open this bible app every now and then to calm myself down. I have realized so many things in my life for the last weeks, most of it are not so good realizations that I need to get over and need to learn to control that’s why I really need God’s presence in my life right now, I need His words to guide me because right now His words are the only thing that comforts me.
I must say that YouVersion bible app is a great app that every believer should have in their phones, it is a great way to read the bible and a fun way to keep your faith in check. 😊

6 thoughts on “THE BIBLE APP

  1. I think I have this app on my ipad but I didn’t know there were plans on it! I might explore it a little today. I too have been lost in my faith lately. I say lately but it’s been a few years. It’s one of those things where the longer it goes the harder it is to really work at it. Maybe having the plans will help me too! Thanks for sharing!

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    • I know the feeling of having difficulties of going back to what you once believed in but maybe it’s not about getting that back, maybe it’s getting something better 😊 I truly believe that we need something to hold on to and that’s our faith. It’s a really great app I hope it will help you the way it’s helping me 😊


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