It’s quite interesting that in just a short span of time a lot of things can change. How in just a short amount of time you can completely change to a different kind of person, that everything you once believed in you just don’t believe in them anymore. Everything you once loved doing you just get tired of doing it. How in that short time you turned from a slight mess to a completely messed up broken person.

A monthly check on life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

Too much about everything and then nothing. I want to change this to “Lately, I want to think about…” and that is school that’s it I just want to focus on that as much as possible but I can’t. Lately it’s been too much thinking for me, I just need to shut my brain off. (But how?) 

Lately, I’ve been feeling…

Old and tired lol. Old because I just turned 20 last Wednesday. I feel really sad about it because I’m just not ready for adulthood yet and thinking that my age just dropped that suffix “-teen” makes me anxious. Tired because of life itself too much stuff going on. I badly need a break. 

Lately, I’ve been wanting…

To sleep and rest and leave and read and write and not exist for awhile or forever lol. But seriously I just want to get away and have some time alone it’s actually not a want it’s a need. I need to breathe. 

Lately, I’ve been doing…

I just started to read a book again. I’m currently reading Eleanor & Park it occupies my mind at night and I think I can finish it by today or tomorrow (hopefully).

Lately, I’ve been hoping…

For something, just something, anything.

How’s your life lately? 

3 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY 04

  1. Happy late birthday!! I remember turning 20 and not thinking of it as a big deal, but then a few days passed, and a few weeks and “adulting” starting to set it. It’s scary at first but I know you’ll get the hang of it! 😀

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  2. I’m still waiting for the adult thing to take hold, I sit amongst a group of school mums and feel like a teenager whose lucky to be allowed into the adult world. I feel so honoured whenever real grown ups admire anything I say. Except my 23 year old friend, because she’s my daughter and if I’m a perpetual teen she must be a baby. At 45 I joke a lot about being old and I love the wealth of experience I have but I’m 15 in my heart for good or bad.


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