To stay alive is to live a life but for some living is hard when you have full loads of uncontrollable thoughts swirling around your head.

To stay alive is to stay awake but how can you be so conscious in a world you want to sleep from forever and hate waking up to everyday.

How do you live and stay alive when you’re imagining your death in so many ways? 

My friend we have a long journey ahead maybe it will get better or maybe not, life is full of uncertainties and bullshits that’s what sucks about life you’ll never be sure of what is going to happen I just know one thing for sure we all have the same ending and it will end eventually for everyone so let’s just enjoy this present.

Live and stay alive my friend let’s keep trying.


3 thoughts on “LIVE AND STAY ALIVE

  1. I think the best way for me to stay alive is to find something that I am passionate about that I wouldn’t want to give up. Something that excites me and makes me want to keep going.

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