Last year I was listening to my apple music radio then this song came on that just captured my ears with the lyrics “wish we could go back time to the good old days when our mamma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out” then their song Ride then Tear In My Heart came on and that was it, who is this Twenty One Pilots band?

Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph

I really got curious with them, after hearing three consecutive songs from them and actually liking these songs it’s a bit weird for me because I’m really picky when it comes to today’s music. I am not really a fan of the music being released today they either sound very auto-tuned or just full of noise and the lyrics are not that complex.

But then there’s Twenty One Pilots and for me they are very distinct from all the other bands/artists out there. Their lyrics speaks to me on so many levels and they don’t usually sing love song which is I think most of the artists today sing and write about. They produce music that people should hear or at least what I like to hear.

Their music is very timely to what I am currently feeling, Tyler Joseph writes songs about fighting your insecurities and your demons, getting past through those negative and depressing thoughts and what’s more interesting is the melody of their songs sound so lively but the lyrics are very deep and sad. Listening to them eases my mind especially when I’m having those “days” where my mind is swallowing me, they actually sing the words that my mind is currently thinking, the words that I cannot say.

I love their poetic powerful words, I feel the intensity of the emotions in every word in their songs even if most of their songs were sang in rap. I also love how they perform as per watching tons of their videos on youtube they really know how to work the crowd, how Tyler gets into this character on stage and how you feel the energy of Josh when he’s on his drums.

To make it short I really love Twenty One Pilots right now and I will probably forever love them.


Leaving a short playlist of TØP here:


Ode To Sleep


Guns For Hands

The Judge

Holding On To You

Car Radio



Not Today

*Photos are not mine, credits to the photo owners


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