Just a monthly check on life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

about my upcoming preliminary exam tomorrow and I’m also not over about my problem on saving money because I just drained my savings account (well not completely) I really need to be thrifty. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling…

great, I feel really good. I can say that I am in one of my greatest mood as of the moment (sort of) even though I don’t have a voice right now because of a sore throat and cough, also I got sick two days ago but nonetheless I’m feeling better physically and emotionally. But I can also say that there are still some days in this month that wasn’t okay, I felt really tired but I carried on.

Lately, I’ve been wanting…

to write and read. I actually miss it, I still have this book that I want to finish but I can’t because of my schedule. I just want to be at home even just for a week to read, write and chill, that would be perfect right now but I have school and I have to wait 3 more months for semestral break.

Lately, I’ve been doing…

a lot of running, I got back on my daily routine of running in the morning and doing a bit of exercise, this is probably one of the reasons why I’m feeling great. Right now I’m about to study for my exam tomorrow, I pray that I will remember what I’m about to study.

Lately, I’ve been hoping…

for an easy exams in this preliminary exam week, I hope that I pass all my exams and I also hope that everything will turn out well in all aspects of my life.

How’s your life lately? 


7 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY 03

  1. Good luck for your exams! I think that it’s awesome that you’re running and getting exercise every day. I’ve been trying to do the same (not really for running every day, but for getting in solid exercise each day) 🙂
    Hopefully, the 3 months until semestral break will pass by quickly for you~

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  2. My life is wonderful. I see it as such. I realize it’s just the way it’s meant to be. I prioritize. Each day I get the things most important to me accomplished. Some tasks are bigger then others. But they all find a way to get done if I pace myself. Like you, I love to read. At present, it’s reading blogs. I blog hop a lot. My upstairs closet is filled with bound books I’ve been blessed to read in years past, so I feel good about what I accomplished there when I open the closet and see them. I volunteer quite a bit, and love it, especially since I’m working with my elders who have dementia. I did some gardening recently, which isn’t a first love, but a really wonderful way to feel a sense of accomplishment doing something I’m not that keen on. The yard looks pretty, which goes over well with me being a highly visual person. At 60+, I’m more of a home-body, with brick and mortar school(s) behind me. Life-long learning isn’t. I wish you the highest and best in your endeavors. My beloved Mother always said this to me. I’m passing it on to you…”Life is hard by the yard, by the inch it’s a cinch.” Enjoy the present moment!


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