How do you love
when all you’ve ever seen and experienced was misery?

How do you love
when you’re from a broken home?

How do you love
when you feel so lost?

How do you love
when all you’ve ever felt was loneliness?

How do you love
when all you get from loving is a heartbreak?

Please tell me how to love after all of that?

12 thoughts on “HOW TO LOVE?

  1. Love with hope, that it would, could, exist
    Love with desire, when it happens embrace it
    Love with love, remember the good, let go of the past
    Love with tomorrow, as the day, it could happen

    Hope you don’t mind my response 🙏➰❤️

    Your write brought out many feelings. Thank you for striking emotions.

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  2. Love by giving to others what you never had. By giving you’ll receive the same in return.

    I had to seek the love I needed from outside my home as I knew something was missing in my childhood. It has been quite a journey. WordPress is an awesome community. Keep writing. There is enormous support here. Hugs🌷

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    • Thank you for this, I’ll try to keep this in mind. Yes WordPress is really a great community to seek some motivation and inspiration, lots of awesome supportive bloggers and writers here 😊

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  3. Love can be so painful, but asking yourself “what went wrong?” and learning to identify the people most likely to hurt us helps sort things through the next time around. Part of it at your age is everyone is so young and figuring it out themselves, and not everyone has the maturity you’d like to see in someone you love. Keep your heart open, but learn from the past, and things will get better.


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