Life is never a waste,
it has functions on its ways.

It goes through test,
like a line that pass through vertical line test.

It has problems,
just know the right formula and you will solve’em.

Life can be positive,
but it can also be negative.

It can transform,
like translation that can be a reflection.

It can be amusing,
like finding domain and range but quite confusing.

Life seems to be difficult,
like this math that I am bad at,

And the answers are simple,
that you’ll end up laughing at.


I wrote this for my math project back in high school, yes I know it’s a very basic poem but it was just for fun and to have some contribution for that group activity. And we actually ended up using this, I forgot the grade we got for it and it’s quite funny to think that we settled for this. Honestly when it comes to school projects/assignments I’ve always have that “it’s enough”, “this will do” kind of thinking to the things that I do when I can actually make it better in short I settle as long as I can finish or pass something for that project. Maybe I should change that kind of thinking but hell I’m too lazy lol.


6 thoughts on “LIFE IS LIKE MATH

  1. When I first read the title in my email, I was like “Yes! Life is like math, something I don’t understand” hehe! It’s a good poem 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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