I have that cloud that suddenly comes across my head and it just showers me with unexpected sadness. This cloud of sadness just often pops out of nowhere and fleets above my head and makes my day so gloomy.

I try to escape from it and find a shed to make it go away but it follows me wherever I go. This damn cloud is like evil-smiling down at me, it’s like he knows that his evil plan is working and it is indeed working.

I wish I could just wave it off with my hand like it’s just a dust above my head. It was once just a dust before but it piled up and became a cloud, now I can’t just dust it off.


Squinting, I see the sun.

The cloud above my head seems to be vanishing. The showers that the cloud of sadness brought me dried up. Suddenly I feel at ease, it was the shed I was looking for. The sunshine is the duster that dusted off that evil cloud.

Looking up I close my eyes feeling the heat of the sun as it hit my face being grateful for saving me from that cloud of sadness.

The cloud of sadness might visit me from time to time but now I know that the sun will shine so bright that will scare that cloud away.


14 thoughts on “CLOUD OF SADNESS

  1. That’s right and actually something we all experience at times,sadness mixed with confusion or another feelings that keep us wondering what we did wrong.In fact,we couldn’t know the true,unique and healing power of happiness without moments like these,so yeah,the sun will always shine brighter,no matter what.

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    • Yeah I realized that moments like these are just normal it’s up to us to not let ourselves drown by this emotion.


  2. Yeah many times i feel sad for unknown reasons. Same goes for anger fear and frustration too. Seems as though these emotions are hanging above my head like a democle’s sword just waiting for the right opportunity to attack me. But as you rightly pointed out, we only need to have the sunshine of hope, faith and patience to drive these away and feel better again. Nice write up!

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  3. I like this piece. It shows that the clouds, are gloomy sad moods or bad times don’t last, the sun always comes out to shine and brighten our outlook on life or help our situation. Great message and well written.

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