Finally! After a stressful semester I can finally unwind and relax.


Summer break is already starting for me but unlike any other break mine is a bit different, me and my family get to help through this medical mission that my cousin and her boss is currently doing here in the Philippines. My cousin brought her boss who is a doctor and 20 other student nurse from the U.S.A to have their medical mission here, they’re going to stay here for about two weeks and we are going to tag along. Day 1 happened yesterday even though all we did was gave out medicines it was pretty tiring especially when it’s damn hot it added to the tiring and irritating feeling, anyways it was fun though. After this medical mission we’re going to be at Puerto Galera to chill for awhile which I am looking forward to especially the food that we are going to eat lol.

Besides that I am also looking forward to this summer break because I get to be more active here in blogging and reading other blogs and most especially books, I’ve been missing a lot of great books so this summer break I am going to catch up on my reading and also writing.

Have a great summer guys or spring break for others. (depends on which country you’re from)


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