I’m back to my happy thoughts once again after a short visit to my pessimistic ways for these past few days. I’ve been mostly irritated and moody at times maybe because of the stress due to school works and also overthinking and feeling agitated for no reason but for now I’m saying goodbye to those negative feelings because I got tired of them and I’ve suffocated for breathing in all the bad stuff so right now let’s just FOCUS on the good stuff shall we?

Anyways, I’ve also been quite busy these past fews days as I’ve said because of school works. It’s our midterms week, it’s been really stressful due to projects, research paper(s), exams and other stuff. Two more months and this semester will finally be over. And one more academic year and I’ll finally graduate. Yey! Just hang on self.


Let’s all see the good in everyone and expect everything to turn out great. Let’s all hope for brighter days and if we ever encounter negative vibes let’s just try to ignore it and push it aside.

Have happy thoughts. Smile. Be positive. 😊


14 thoughts on “FEELING OPTIMISTIC

  1. Hope the exams are over now and you’re able to relax a little. My daughter had hers in December but she’s in her first year. It’s her second Semester now…

    Keep smiling. πŸ™‚

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  2. Honestly, focus on school if you have to. I remember how hard it was. But if you need a break from studying to see a friend or watch a movie. It’s worth it to keep your stress level down and your mood in a better place. Good luck with your midterms and being more positive.

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  3. Staying positive takes work some days and much more difficult under stress. Research is showing that changing the way we think causes new neuro pathways to form which over time become quicker and easier to activate. In other words staying positive is easier with practice.
    Good luck!

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  4. I understand those feelings of being overwhelmed! I went back to college as an adult and worked full-time while attending school part-time. It took four years to finish the two years needed for a bachelors degree. At times I didn’t think I’d ever get it all done. Get enough sleep & some exercise daily, eat healthy and pace yourself. Slow & steady wins the race. All the blood, sweat & tears really do pay off. Hang in there, because when graduation day comes you’ll feel amazing and proud, just like I did!! πŸ™‚

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