So my professor in good governance asked us to do a reaction paper on a TV series we watched which is entitled “Bayan Ko” and I just want to share it especially that election day is nearly coming here in the Philippines. Here it is.

“Bayan Ko” is a TV series which tackles about the subject of good governance, it shows the anomalies that some public officers does and taking advantage of the power and position that they currently have. This TV series is an eye-opener for every citizen in a country to show them what might happen when they vote or elect a wrong candidate for a public office, this will help them realize and to choose the right candidate to lead them. The story of this series goes on with Mayor Joseph Santiago who represents a true public officer that every candidate or incumbent of a public office should be, he is compassionate, no malice of corruption and have a real heart to serve the people. On the other hand Governor Antonio Rubio represents every corrupt politician that there is, he is greedy, corrupt and selfish.

With Mayor Santiago elected as the new Mayor of the town of Lagros, he wants change in their town, he wanted to stop every anomalies and wrong doings that the past administration had done, he wanted to clean his town. But with Governor Rubio who has a much higher position than him, he will make sure that no one is going to stop him in his ways of running the province. The story circles on every corrupt activities that happen in the province which is led by Governor Rubio and with Mayor Santiago and his wife who tries to stop them. Mayor Santiago’s leadership is tested through every problems that arises because of the wrong leadership and corrupt ways of Governor Rubio, there is the lack of medical supplies, lack of doctors, illegal gambling, illegal logging, bribing etc. The TV series ended with Governor Rubio left by her wife and son who decided to help Mayor Santiago to stop him with all of his shenanigans and sue him for all the crimes that he and his administration has done.

This TV series is highly recommended to be watched by all citizens of the Philippines especially that election day is nearly coming. It will help them realize that it is time to stop the corruption here in the Philippines because there will be no corruption if we keep our integrity, corruption runs here in our country because we let them. As part of the third world country, we are easily blinded by money, we lose our integrity because of it, they buy us to keep our mouth shut, to be unconscious and numb of their wrong doings. It is now time to stop being ignorant about the current situation of our government, we citizen have been deaf, blinded and muted to this happenings, we have been used to it that we think that it’s just normal now but it’s not. Yes most of us think that our government is a big joke, “corruption is more fun in the Philippines” this is true because we just post “memes” on social media and just laugh about it, but when will we take this seriously? We are a democratic country but it doesn’t feel like it because of this politicians who swore to serve the people and do everything for the people but they do it for the benefit of their own which is the opposite of a true public officer and good governance.

Like what I’ve said in my previous reaction paper it is very sad and frustrating that the government that we trust to serve us truthfully, we trust to protect us and we trust to give us justice are the ones who fool us and they are now the biggest crime syndicate in our country. I guess I should also say that this TV series is much more needed to be watched by the current public officers and to those who wish to be one, maybe by watching this they will learn something out of it or have just a little bit of conscience especially to those who are guilty of it.

I truly wish that there is still a Mayor Santiago here in our country to stop a Governor Rubio is his doings maybe there is still hope and a chance for Philippines to recover from being in a black hole of corruption for so long now, well it’s also up to us citizens, so this coming election we need to keep our integrity and vote wisely for this will affect the future of our nation.


3 thoughts on ““BAYAN KO”

  1. Good paper. I don’t know about politics in the Phillipines. But I do worry about the US election and possibly having Donald Trump as president. Many American’s actually like him, which is the scariest part.

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      • I don’t even think it’s popularity so much as that he has wealth and power. He is relatable for the small but effective businessmen in America as he shares their views on capitalism. People think BC he has started and run so many companies, he can run a country. Him with that much power is frightening.


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