I am a big music lover but there are some artists that I really love and I will probably not get tired of listening to. I am the kind of person when being a fan of a certain artist is that I follow or I want to be updated to their current happenings, especially when it’s a musical artist I want to know their current records and I download every song and listen to them on repeat to just familiarize to their songs until I can sing along (or in other words I am what they call a “Fangirl”).

So I am sharing the “long lists” of artists that I love:

1. Westlife – I was just five years old when I became a fan of them. I vividly remember singing their song I Lay My Love On You and mimicking their actions in the music video. I was shocked when Brian left and I cried when they got disbanded.



Westlife when Brian left
2. Shane Filan – The lead singer in Westlife and now he’s a solo artist. With Westlife being disbanded thanked God that he still sings and records songs atleast I still get to hear his angelic voice. He’s probably on top of my favorite Male singers in terms of voice quality. 

Shane Filan
3. Taylor Swift – I think everyone knows that I’m a fan of hers ever since Love Story was released. I prefer the country Taylor over the pop Taylor but either ways I still lover her.
Taylor Swift
3. Mandy Moore – Well everyone knows that I’m obsessed with A Walk To Remember and it’s probably because of her. If I were to asked if I could exchange my voice with anyone it would probably be with Mandy Moore. I’m still wishing that she would get back on releasing songs and not just be Rapunzel.
Mandy Moore
4. Ed Sheeran – Do I even need to elaborate? I really love the way he performs with his loop pedal. No band just him and his guitar on stage.
Ed Sheeran
5. McFly – Started loving this band when I watched the movie Just My Luck, been a fan since 2006. I just love this pop-rock band especially the voice of Danny Jones. I hope that they would return to being McFly and not McBusted which they created as a “supergroup” that are joined by the 2 members of the disbanded punk band Busted.




6. Justin Timberlake – I consider him as the closest to Frank Sinatra that this generation has.


Justin Timberlake
7. Meghan Trainor – Love the classic retro pop music that this girl produce plus her singing voice.


Meghan Trainor
8. John Mayer – His songs are very relaxing to my ears.


John Mayer
9. James Bay – I see John Mayer in him maybe that’s why I also love this artist.


James Bay
10. Vance Joy – Loving the indie sound of him.


Vance Joy
10. Twenty One Pilots – Very refreshing modern sound and love how they address social issues through their songs.


Twenty One Pilots
11. Avril Lavigne – I think everyone that was born in the 90’s has been a fan of hers. I love the punk rock sound of hers before especially Sk8er Boi. 


Avril Lavigne

12. Christina Grimmie – Famous for her renditions and covers of popular songs, her range is just incredible. It sucks when she did not won on The Voice.

Christina Grimmie

*Who are your favorite musical artist(s)? 

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