It’s Christmas break so I have 17 days before going back to school again. It means I’m bored again. So I did some tweaking in my blog’s look again (say ‘again’ one more time lol).

I changed the theme to what I can say a more clean look. I don’t really like dark colors aside from black so I picked this light theme with blue-greenish colored links and added some quotes that I live by. I get tired of things easily but maybe I’ll stick by with this look for now until I get tired of it again. 2 months into this blogging and I’m really having fun with it I’m considering it a hobby now I hope I won’t get tired of this though. I’ve been wanting to get self-hosted but I think it cost too much for just a student like me, in the future maybe. 

Anyways, it’s holidays and the year is almost ending, can’t wait for the New Year’s party that I heard my family is organizing, it’s a reunion party for our clan. I hope it’s true though, I’m quite looking forward to it. For now I’m just watching movies and getting fatter because of the delicious food this holiday and also I’m reading a book by Gayle Forman (I Was Here) hope I can finish this by the time that I will go back to school though.


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