There are only two seasons in my country; wet and dry, we are a tropical country which is very humid, that sometimes it’s too irritating that I just want to lock my self in the fridge to be cooled. The rain brings me calmness, I just feel in peace. The sound of the raindrops relaxes me. Everytime it rains there’s just something inside of me rejoices. Maybe it’s the comforting feeling of the cold air and the smell of it or maybe it’s because of the gloominess of the sky that also brings me comfort.

I’m the kind of girl that prefers to stay in rather than to go out. This type of weather is just perfect for me. I could just stay in the whole day, either sleep or watch a movie with a hot choco (just perfect). I love that I can snuggle my favorite blanket without feeling too warm and sweating. I love that I can wear sweater/jacket without people making fun of me and saying “is it cold?” (damn Philippine climate). And I love that I can be lazy because of this type of weather. I just love the rain so much because it also means there’s a big probability of no classes and we students love that.

But I’m not praying that it should always rain I also love the sunshine and the rainbow that comes after it, I just love how the rain brings me this unexplainable relaxing feeling.

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