I was looking at the sky the other day and suddenly kites came into my mind I don’t even know why, it’s so random I didn’t even saw a kite flying in the sky that day. 

Then kites were all in my mind, how I wanted to fly one, how beautiful kites are it’s just kites kites kites all over my head that day. Suddenly right now I came back to that day, so I’m thinking about kites again, I’m thinking right now what is the significance of kites in my life, is there something that I need to remember? 

So I started thinking really hard about it, I really wanna know why I suddenly think about kites at very random times then I somehow came to a thought about how kites are some sort of a metaphor of my life. 

Kites are made to be beautiful and to fly high in the sky, it can fly very far away to the point where you barely see it. They fly like they are free but in reality they are controlled from below, there is someone that’s holding the string to either guide you or stop you. 

I’m like that kite, there are times that I fly so high where I think I have that freedom but I realized that I have that string attached to me and for now I’m being controlled by it. I can’t really say that the string is stopping me from my freedom or guiding me towards a good life because if I really wanted that freedom I would have to cut that string, yes at first I think it will feel great, the wind will just guide me, but that wind is like my temporary freedom, I will feel great about it at first but sooner or later I will fall to the ground slowly.

Realizing that I don’t want to cut that string for now, I’m dependent to it, I still need that string to guide me and let it control me for now. I can’t even say if I ever wanted to cut that string. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna handle flying alone.

Did I think too hard about it or what? This’ll probably let me stop thinking about kites for now. 


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