As you may all know I’m doing two undergrad thesis this semester and you know what? It’s not going so well.

We had a very good topic to start of with our research and our thesis adviser approved our research title and he said that we should already start doing the first chapter which we did but later on when we pass our research title to the coordinator he said that the topic has already been done last semester, so now we have to start from scratch again.

It just really sucks because we already did the first chapter which is not that easy to do, all of our efforts are just wasted. What really sucks is that I have to think of another topic that should be related to my program.

My other research on the other hand, supposed to be written in our mother-tongue which is Filipino. This is probably much easier, our only problem here is translating English related studies to Filipino.

This semester is just short but I think it’s gonna be a long one because of this thesis.

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