We all have at least one awkward moment that we’ll never forget.

It was very awkward the time that I was eating my lunch at a fast food chain and I was having a spaghetti, when I was about to take the spaghetti in to my mouth I got to have a very awkward eye contact with a random guy for about 3 seconds. For 3 seconds we were both staring at each other the only difference is I was taking a fork full of spaghetti into my mouth while he was staring at me.

It is very awkward everytime your friend has another friend with them that you basically don’t even know and they’re having a long conversation and all you can do is just stare and wait for them to finish talking.

It was very awkward the time that me and my family are watching a romantic movie, especially when the movie has a love scene that last for like 30 seconds and it sucks when they make a sound while doing it, like I don’t know if I should close my eyes or just leave the room instantly.

It is very awkward when you are laughing so hard with your friends and then you can’t help but fart and it kills the buzz, what’s worse is that they know it was you and more worst is that your fart has a smell.

It was very awkward the time that I was sitting across from a couple, at first they were just talking and laughing but the next thing they were making out and I was like there staring and watching them because I was just sitting across them and I can hear the smooching sounds, what’s awkward is that I didn’t initially looked away.

It is very awkward when you thought from a far a person is smiling and waving at you and then you realize that person is waving at the person behind you. (this happens a lot) 

There’s a lot more of these where they came from. Share your awkward moments.


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